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Citizen's Advisory Boards

Citizen Review Board.jpg

Whether you're looking to do it on your own to expand community engagement or you're being instructed to do it by your elected officials, the formation of a citizen's advisory board can have adverse impacts on your department and community if it's not done correctly. T2 PMC can help with the formation of a citizen's advisory board that operates in a manner that is collaborative and beneficial to all involved. From selecting the people who will sit on the board to establishing the board's authority to the rules and potential ordinance changes that will govern the board's operations, we can guide you through the entire process. T2 PMC can help with the selection process when appointing citizens to positions on the board. We can also provide training to those who will be appointed to the  citizen's advisory board, so they are prepared to make informed decisions aimed at improving police relationships with the community and fostering trust between the officers and the communities they serve.

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