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Use of Force Investigations

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Any time an officer uses force, even when justified and properly employed, the agency is exposed to liability. As such, each and every use of force by any member of a department should be properly and thoroughly examined for appropriateness and adherence to department policies, procedures, and training. Many departments, especially smaller ones, don't have the time, ability, or properly trained personnel to conduct use of force assessments and make determinations as to the appropriateness and justification of an officer's use of force. As a Force Science certified force analyst, Chief Troxel leads a T2 PMC staff that is composed of command level officers who have decades of experience as use of force instructors and assessors. We can conduct a thorough and impartial assessment of an officer's use of force, or assist you in making one. We can also make recommendations for possible improvements to your department's use of force policy, procedure, and reporting process. 

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